200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In Goa

Why Ekagra Yogpeeth is Best Yoga School in Goa?

Explore the essence of yoga at Ekagra Yogpeeth, the best yoga school nestled in the serene beauty of Goa. Our internationally acclaimed instructors guide students through authentic practices that harmonize the body, mind, and soul. Experience holistic growth, stunning beaches, and a transformative journey. Join us to embark on a profound yogic adventure.


  1. Open for all skill levels, age groups, ethnicities and genders
  2. A life changing experience of 28 days
  3. Yoga Alliance accreditation.
  4. Globally recognised certification.
  5. Curriculum that follows international standards
  6. Syllabus that covers multiple yoga styles and various yogic aspects


  1. Live in harmony with nature
  2. Treat your mind, body and soul with positive experiences
  3. Learn under insightful masters of yoga
  4. Find new connections and create new memories
  5. Discover a new dimension of life
  6. Secure your career and deepen your wisdom

Discover the path of wellness and wisdom with
our 200-hour yoga teacher Training in Goa

Welcome to Ekagra Yogpeeth, nestled in the serene and picturesque landscapes of Goa. If you've ever felt the call to embark on a journey of self-discovery, health, and tranquility, our 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is the perfect gateway. Whether you're a yoga novice or have an established practice, this transformative experience is tailored to individuals from all corners of the world.

Yoga Beginners Course: A Step into Mindfulness

For those taking their first steps into the world of yoga, our Yoga Beginners Course is designed to gently guide you into the practice. Our experienced instructors understand the initial uncertainties and tailor the course to provide a solid foundation. Through a series of gentle asanas (poses), pranayama (breath control), and meditation, you will gradually become attuned to your body and mind. This course acts as a springboard, preparing you for deeper yogic exploration.

From Practitioner to Yoga Instructor: Nurturing the Teacher Within

Have you ever dreamed of sharing the incredible benefits of yoga with others? Our Yoga Instructor Program is a comprehensive training designed to help you realize that dream. Beyond perfecting your asanas, you will delve into the philosophy of yoga, understanding its ancient roots and modern relevance. Through practical teaching sessions, you'll gain confidence in guiding students in their practice. Our dedicated mentors will nurture the teacher within you, ensuring you're well-prepared to lead inspiring and safe classes.

Yoga Certification: A Global Passport to Teaching

Earning a yoga certification is not just a piece of paper; it's a testament to your dedication and growth. Our internationally recognized certification holds value across the globe, opening doors for you to teach in various settings. Whether you envision leading classes in your hometown or exploring opportunities abroad, our certification equips you with the knowledge, skills, and credentials to embark on a fulfilling yoga teaching journey.

Why Choose Ekagra Yogpeeth?

Experienced Instructors: Our teachers bring a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for yoga. Their guidance creates a nurturing environment for your growth.

Idyllic Setting: Goa's tranquil beaches and lush surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for your yogic journey, offering an atmosphere of peace and introspection

Holistic Approach: Beyond the physical postures, our programs delve into yoga's spiritual and mental aspects, fostering a well-rounded understanding of the practice.

Supportive Community: Join a diverse community of fellow practitioners and trainers, creating connections that often last a lifetime.

Embark on Your Yogic Journey Today

Whether you're seeking personal growth, aiming to become a certified yoga instructor, or simply looking to deepen your practice, our 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa offers a holistic and accessible approach. Let the gentle waves, soothing breezes, and ancient wisdom of yoga guide you on a transformative journey. Embrace this opportunity to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Are you ready to take the first step towards a more balanced and fulfilling life? Contact us today to learn more about our upcoming programs and start your yogic journey with us.

Course Name

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Certified by Yoga Alliance USA


Starting from 7th of Each Month


24 Days


10-15 No.


$1700 (Shared), $1900 (Single), (*incl of tuition, stay and food) *AC charges Extra


The Ekagra Yogpeeth, where we nurture passionate yogis into certified yoga instructors. Our program molds dedicated practitioners into registered yoga teachers, ready to spread wellness worldwide. With a curriculum designed to meet international standards, our students delve deep into the art and science of yoga. From ancient poses to modern mindfulness, we ensure a comprehensive learning experience. Join Ekagra Yogpeeth to embark on a journey of self-discovery and share the gift of yoga as skilled and recognized instructors. Your path to becoming a proficient yoga teacher starts here.

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Daily Schedule Of The Course

5:20AM-5:50 AM Meditation / Pranayama
6:00AM-7:30 AM Ashtanga Yoga(Mysore & Led Class)
7:15 AM-8:00 AM Fire ritual(only on full moon and new moon)
8:00AM- 8:30AM Breakfast
9:00AM-10:15AM Yoga Anatomy
10:30AM-11:45AM Asana techniques
12:00PM-12:45PM Mantra / Teaching Methodology
1:00PM-1:30PM Lunch
1:30PM-3:00PM Rest/Self Study
3:00PM-4:00PM Philosophy
4:15PM-5:45PM Alignment / Hatha Yoga
6:30PM - 7:30PM Dinner

What Our Students Say About Us

We are happy to see newcomers at any of our yoga and meditation classes.

My overall experience was great. The Teachers were great,attentive and imparted a great deal of information and the learning was great.This course is strongly recommended.

Myra Hernandez

"Excellent Place and very good teachings with great insights into yoga.The Yoga teachders are knowledgeable and teach with their heart & humor.In Ekagra Yogpeeth one feels warmly welcome and taken care of. I can only recommend it! Big Thank you to all yogis!"


"Kalpendra is a wonderful teacher. I learned all about breathing practices,Cleansing amy favourite,Yoga Nidra. I would highly recommend this experience."



Embarking on a journey to become a yoga teacher is a transformative decision, and choosing the right location for your training can greatly influence your experience. Goa, with its serene beaches, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture, emerges as an ideal destination for your Yoga Teacher Training Course.
A Tapestry of Nature and Spirituality: Nestled along the Arabian Sea, Goa offers a unique blend of natural beauty and spiritual heritage. The tranquil beaches provide a perfect backdrop for your yoga practice, allowing you to find inner peace and connection with nature. The region's rich spiritual history creates an ambiance that enhances your learning and self-discovery.
Expert Guidance in a Tranquil Setting: Yoga Teacher Training in Goa provides the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors in a serene environment. The tranquil surroundings enable you to immerse yourself fully in the teachings, enhancing your understanding and practice of yoga. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, the supportive atmosphere ensures growth at your own pace.
Cultural Diversity and Exploration: Goa's diverse cultural milieu invites you to explore beyond your yoga mat. Engage in local traditions, savor the delectable cuisine, and interact with people from around the world. This cultural tapestry enriches your journey, making your training more holistic and enlightening.
A Gateway to Self-Discovery: Choosing Goa for your Yoga Teacher Training Course is choosing a path of self-discovery and growth. The combination of serene landscapes, experienced mentors, and cultural experiences creates an environment conducive to profound transformation. As you deepen your practice and understanding of yoga, you'll also embark on a personal voyage of empowerment and enlightenment.
Goa's unique blend of natural beauty, spiritual essence, expert guidance, and cultural richness makes it a remarkable choice for your Yoga Teacher Training. Your journey here promises not just a certification, but a life-enriching experience that transcends borders and ignites your passion for yoga.

Our Educational Program

Course Curriculum

  • What is Hatha yoga?
  • Surya Namaskar with mantra awareness
  • Sukshma Vyama ( joints and glands exercise)
  • Standing series of asana
  • Kneeling series of asana
  • Sitting series of asana
  • Lying on stomach series of Asana
  • Supine series of asana
  • Inversion series of asana
  • Asana benefits and its contra-indications
  • Primary Series explanation
  • What is Vinyasa?
  • 9 Drishti in Ashtanga series
  • Importance of Ujjai and Bandhas in series
  • Chest breathing v/s diaphragmatic breathing
  • What are Prana and Pranayama mean?
  • Types of Pranayama practice
  • What is Nadi?
  • What are Ida, Pingala and Sushmana?
  • Seven main practices of Pranayama
  • Importance of Mudra according to Hatha Yoga
  • Types of Mudra
  • Practicum of Gyana & Chin Mudra
  • Physical, Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Mudra
  • What is Darshanam?
  • What is Yoga?
  • The five kosha (bodies)
  • What is Self-Realization & Liberation? Why?
  • The four faculties of mind –field
  • Five Stages of Mind -Field
  • The four foundational Pillars of life
  • Eight limbs of Yoga of Patanjali
  • What is waking state in Yogic Science?
  • What is dreaming state in Yogic Science?
  • What is Deep sleep state in Yogic Science?
  • What is Yogic Anatomy and physiology?
  • Introduction of the respiratory system and yogic breathing
  • How shat kriya practices give benefits on a body?
  • How Pranayama practices give connection to a digestive and immune system?
  • How asana practices give various effects on joints, spine and muscular system?
  • The structure of the spine and its movement in yoga
  • Types of contraction in the muscular system
  • Know the basic studies aspects of yoga and types of joints to avoid injury during Asana classes
  • Studies and discussion about spine according to a yogic point of view
  • What is Meditation?
  • What is the difference between Dharana and Dhyana?
  • What are types of meditation?
  • Breath Awareness Meditation
  • Contemplative Walking Meditation
  • Mantra Awareness Meditation
  • Candle and Inner Light Meditation
  • Full moon Meditation
  • What is Yoga Nidra?
  • What is sleep?
  • Four states of consciousness
  • Yoga Nidra practices from Satyananda tradition
  • Adjusting in Shavansana
  • Six steps of doing Asana correctly
  • The fundamentals of practicing side extension, forward extension, backward extension and revolving action
  • How to correct postures verbally and by hands on adjustments
  • Modifying the asana
  • Various limitation, contra-indications and benefits of yoga asana
  • Introduction of Shat Kriya according to Hatha Yoga
  • Practicum of Jal Neti and Sutra Neti (Cleansing Mucus or blockages from nasal passages and sinus)
  • Introduction of Mantra yoga
  • Significance of (OM)-AUM
  • Mantra for Meal Purification
  • Mantra for Obstacles
  • Mantra for universal masters to bless
  • Mantra for Realization
  • Mantra for well being
  • Disciplines of yoga teachers and students in yoga ashrams
  • The scope of listening, presence, directive and non-directive dialogue
  • How important is demonstration?
  • What are the preparations for classroom?
  • How to sequence the class?
  • How to describe the practice, techniques, and delivery in teaching a class?
  • Discussion on different types of lesson planning


At our yoga school, we understand that a comfortable and nourishing environment is essential for your transformative journey. Our accommodation and food offerings are designed with your well-being in mind, ensuring an international-level experience that complements your yoga practice.

Accommodation: Your Serene Retreat

Step into tranquility as you enter our thoughtfully designed accommodations. Each room is a sanctuary, meticulously furnished to provide you with the restful escape you deserve. Whether you choose a cozy single room or decide to share a space with a fellow yogi, our accommodations offer the perfect balance between privacy and community. .

Food: Nourishing Your Body and Soul

Elevate your yoga experience with nourishing meals that are both delightful to the palate and supportive of your well-being. Our expert culinary team crafts a menu that combines international flavors with a focus on holistic nutrition. Every meal is a mindful journey that not only satisfies your taste buds but also replenishes your energy.


RYT 200 is a yoga certification by Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance is the world's largest yoga association with over 100’s of yoga schools listed in their directory. Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization that helps and oversees the quality of yoga schools and teachers. They certify teachers as well as schools. RYT 200 means 'Registered Yoga Teacher’.
200 hour yoga teacher training is a complete course in which you will be trained and certified to teach yoga to individuals or groups. You will be given a thorough understanding about yoga and its philosophy and will also be given a strong foundation of the asanas and pranayama. The course is spread over a period of 28 Days, to ensure that you have a sound knowledge of all the various asanas and pranayama. At Ekagra Yogpeeth, we try provide the deep practical knowledge.
The 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification program encompasses eight modules, each taking about 35 hours to complete. You can train full-time, which means dedicating all of your time for the course, and working your way through each module. You can complete this in 28 days. If you choose to train part-time, expect to spend about five months in total on the course.
The word 'yoga' means 'union'. Yoga is the union of the individual self with the universal self. There are eight levels of yoga in the Indian tradition. When you know what these eight levels of yoga are, it becomes clear that there is a path to enlightenment for everyone. The eight levels of yoga are:Asanas, Pranayamas, Relaxation, Chakras, Special conditions, Self-Enquiry Meditation, Philosophy, and Yogic Diet.
Some schools offer in weekend training. It is up to you how long you wish to study for, how busy you are and what your needs are for a training program. However, a 200 hour training program is not the shortest and not the longest training by any means. It is good to keep your expectations realistic in regards to your time and ability. If you want to gain the maximum benefits from yoga and want a rapid entry into the field, then a dedicated 28 days program at Ekagra Yogpeeth that will get you licensed as a teacher is a great choice.
The easiest way to get 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) is taking a yoga teacher training course. You can find more information about the training courses here at Ekagra Yogpeeth. You need to be a certified yoga instructor with a yoga teacher training certification.

Upcoming 200 YTTC

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5th October 2024sunday

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5th November 2024Tuesday

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